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With the growing number of estate agents letting property in the local area when considering the rental option, how do you choose which one to instruct? A good starting point is to find an agent who clearly understands the stresses and strains in letting your home but will also guarantee you achieve the best market price from the right tenants.

Landlords - Elms Estates

The Letting Services

When it comes to the management of your property we really prove our worth and the friendly staff that you speak to in the office when your property is marketed will also be dealing with your property on a daily basis rather than you being referred to an out of town call centre or management office.

This gives us the ability to deal with any day to day issues at your property quickly and cost effectively, for if a problem is reported we will visit to inspect an issue before troubling you or instructing contractors. Although we make no claims of being trades people, we do have a good understanding of common faults and are easily able to bleed a radiator or change a blown fuse without the need of a tradesman.

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The Full Management Service - Elms Estates

The Full Management Service

(maximum charge of 15% + VAT of the gross rent for the term of the Tenancy)

In addition to the Tenant Finding Service:

  • To prepare a thorough Check In report, including pictures, in order to detail the condition at the start of a Tenancy.
  • To take meter readings and to ensure that all relevant utilities are transferred in to the tenant’s name.
  • To protect the Tenants deposit using a government backed scheme.
  • To receive rents from the Tenant and to account to the Landlord monthly, or as otherwise agreed, for all income received, the Agency fees and charges payable, paying the balance to the Landlord's bank or building society account.
  • During any tenancy, to take such reasonable action against the Tenant to enforce the Tenant's obligations with regard to payment of rent.
  • During any tenancy, to take such reasonable action against the Tenant to enforce the Tenant's obligations under the Tenancy Agreement.
  • To organise, and where necessary to supervise, routine repairs.
  • To inform and take the Landlord's instructions on all repairs, excepting where emergency repairs are necessary immediately to prevent an escalation of damage to the property or to the health and safety of the Tenant.
  • To visit the property during the fourth and each subsequent third month of the tenancy, to appraise the general condition.
  • At the end of a Tenancy to: -

    Check the Tenant out of the property, and to assess the overall condition of the property giving due allowance for fair wear and tear. Account to the departing Tenant for the Tenancy Bond, making any deductions chargeable against the Tenant to reinstate the property to condition and/or replace damaged or missing items, to meet the Tenant's unfulfilled obligations as Tenant.

    Or Negotiate a renewal of the Tenancy with the existing tenant according to the powers granted within the Housing Act, other relevant legislation and the Tenancy Agreement.

    Or Seek a new Tenant at a rent agreed with the Landlord.